Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you handle high volumes?
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TickX technology provides a booking layer on top of your existing ticketing system. This is either done through browser automation, or, where available, we can integrate directly with the ticketing system’s transactional API and payment gateway. All the backend processes stay the same, and we do the heavy lifting with the integration. But by sitting on top, your customers will benefit from highly optimised purchase flows, no redirects, and beautiful branding. Our booking layer also means we can feed live data into our analytics dashboard, add complete end-to-end e-commerce tracking, and put in place simple-setup marketing integrations meaning your marketing teams will benefit from more and better quality data.

How easy is it to get up and running?
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Once you’ve decided to work with TickX, there’s very little you or the underlying ticketing system need to do to get up and running. We do all the heavy lifting with the integration and all you need to do is embed a simple line of code to your website.

We may need other information around tracking etc. to ensure you get the full benefit of the platform but you will have a dedicated onboarding manager to take you through the process.

The length of the TickX integration process depends on whether we already have an integration in place with your underlying ticketing system, or if there are any additional setup requirements.

Do you charge any integration fees?
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TickX charges no setup fees, so you’ll only start paying once you start selling tickets through our system. We operate on a small commission on revenue driven through the TickX platform.

What is included when I start working with TickX?
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Alongside the fully branded and optimised booking layer, you and your team will get immediate access to the analytics dashboard, full tracking setup, and an array of marketing tools and platform integrations. We are always optimising our technology, so you will also benefit from rollouts of the most up-to-date improvements.

You will receive training on how to get the most out of TickX, ongoing dedicated account management support, and best in class consultancy on how to use TickX to unlock the potential of your direct to customer ticketing.

Which ticketing systems are you integrated with?
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We are integrated with some of the biggest ticketing systems in entertainment, and we love working with our ticketing partners to provide a best in class service to our clients and their customers. We currently have ticketing system integrations in place with: Spektrix; Universe by Ticketmaster; Audience View Professional; Ovation Tix; ENTA; Tixly; AXS; Telecharge; Showclix; Nliven; and more coming soon.

If we don’t yet have an integration in place with your ticketing system, we’d still love to hear from you as we might be able to build this out or advise whether one of our existing integrations might suit your needs.

Which marketing systems are you integrated with?
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We have marketing integrations in place with Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, Mailchimp, Dot Digital, and Hive. We have advanced tracking setup for marketing platforms including Lotame, TikTok, and Twitter. We are experts in digital so can also offer advice as to how best to integrate TickX with the systems you use most.

Can TickX handle high volumes?
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TickX has powered huge volumes of ticket sales, and our cached calendar technology works to protect the underlying ticketing system meaning customers only hit the system once they progress into checkout. We also can provide queuing technology free of charge as part of our service to manage especially high spikes, or can integrate with your existing queuing technology.

What card providers and payment gateways do you support?
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With some integrations we connect directly to the ticketing systems’ transactional API and payment gateway. We have payment gateway integrations in place with Stripe, AZ, Worldpay and Spreedly. If we proceed with a transactional API integration which does not use one of our existing payment gateway integrations there may be additional time overheads for the integration, but we can advise on this once we have reviewed all relevant documentation.

We can support all card providers supported by the underlying ticketing system or payment gateway, including Mastercard, VISA and Amex.

Which countries are you working in?
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We work with clients across the UK, USA and Canada. We have team members based in the UK and North America to cover all time zones. Our technology can be fully internationalised including translations, localised calendar formatting, localised terminology and currencies.

Will I receive dedicated account management support?
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Yes. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to answer day-to-day queries and advise on how to get the most out of the platform. Additionally you will have regular contact with our senior client management and strategy team to give deeper insights and strategic consultative advice. Some of our clients prefer a full hand-held service, while some prefer to be trained to use our intuitive toolkit independently. We are also on hand for regular in person or online checkups, and are happy to consult with your external partners such as marketing agencies to ensure everyone gets the most out of the platform.

How many members of my team receive access to the TickX Toolkit?
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There is no limit on how many of your team get access to the TickX Toolkit. We can set different permission levels, based on the type of user, and can also provide access to users outside of your organisation (such as marketing agencies) provided you give written sign-off. If we are working with you on a shorter run show, you will be able to benefit from access to the analytics even once the show has finished.

Will we receive training in how to use the TickX Toolkit?
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Yes. Once you are live we will run an onboarding session to ensure all relevant stakeholders are skilled up on TickX and you are getting the most out of the platform. Your account manager will also be able to host ad-hoc training sessions on new features, or refresher sessions. We also will provide access to materials and videos explaining how to use our toolkit, which has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use.