Spiegelworld Case Study: Creating a beautifully branded, highly converting experience for a Las Vegas phenomenon

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Background and Challenge

Spiegelworld is a Las Vegas phenomenon, which produces some of the most iconic shows on the Las Vegas strip.

In 2021 after a global pandemic, TickX was given the brief by Spiegelworld to help them create highly converting customer journeys, which incorporated their show’s unique brand identities. Spiegelworld also wanted to ensure a great mobile experience and improve their tracking and marketing capabilities. Finally, they wanted to find innovative ways to cross-sell their shows with their fabulous restaurant experience, Superfrico.


After the consultation and onboarding process, we were extremely proud of the results we achieved together. Scott Armstrong, President of Spiegelworld said:

We were looking for a branded way to reinvent the user experience for guests purchasing tickets to our shows and booking tables for our restaurants. TickX more than delivered! They took the time to understand who we are as a company and have been exceeding our expectations ever since.
We saw immediate growth in our advance sales (no easy feat for Las Vegas shows), an increase in our VIP packages, and the ease of purchasing and cross selling has relieved the strain on our call center and increased sales exponentially. TickX also provides exciting insights to help us better target audiences, track user flows, and push inventory. In addition, their AMAZING team has been so quick to respond that we joke that they must never sleep! We wholeheartedly recommend TickX and Producer 360.’

How did we achieve this?

We worked incredibly closely with the team at Spiegelworld to help deliver great results across all of their key goals.

Branding and Customer Journey

We were able to combine all booking views into one intuitive calendar and seatmap, meaning VIP and accessible tickets could be sold as part of one booking experience. This helped increase sales of VIP tickets and we have worked closely with the Spiegelworld to successfully introduce more premium tickets, with upsells.

By adding a calendar step, we also gave customers more view of advance dates, helping the Spiegelworld build their advance beyond what is typically expected for the Las Vegas market.

Finally we introduced the Spiegelworld show’s amazing branding throughout to immerse their customers in the show’s universe from start to finish.

The OPM booking flow designed and built by TickX
Restaurant Cross-sell

The Spiegelworld team wanted to find a way to cross-sell their productions with their immersive dining experience, Superfrico. The challenge was that bookings for the restaurant happened via a different system to the ticketing for the show, and they wanted customers to be able to book both the restaurant and a show in one transaction.

To achieve this we created a unique functionality, which gives customers the option to book a slot at the restaurant before or after the show - intelligently leaving the right amount of time per group size. This interacts directly with the underlying restaurant reservation reflecting live availability, and meaning that when customers purchase their tickets their restaurant reservation is made simultaneously. It’s been a really successful way to cross sell across systems, and ensure more bookers at the amazing Superfrico.

Our intuitive restaurant cross-sell

Marketing Tools and Tracking

The Spiegelworld team have made great use of the TickX toolkit:

  • Using bespoke purchase flows to drive sales for particular dates
  • A complete tracking setup and integration with their CRM means all the data is hooked up
  • Post purchase surveys give more insights into their customers
  • Creation of audience segments for lookalike targeting

The Spiegelworld team and the TickX team have a great synergy with regular meetings to ensure Spiegelworld are getting as much out of the TickX toolkit as possible. This allows us to learn from their valuable insights to keep improving our product.

Beth Aspinall
Strategy Director