Prince of Egypt Case Study: Helping a west end show create a targeted customer journey

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Background and Challenge

The Prince of Egypt was a major West End musical showcasing spellbinding performances bringing to life the Dreamworks classic.

In 2021 the Prince of Egypt approached us looking for a solution to enhance the customers’ booking experience on their website and allow their internal marketing and sales teams to leverage comprehensive insights, manage inventory and support third party partnerships alongside intuitive marketing tools.


After onboarding The Prince of Egypt and the team utilising the benefits of the platform, Liam Geoghegan, Sales and Ticketing Director at The Prince of Egypt said:

We were looking for a platform to strengthen the customer experience on The Prince of Egypt, and enable our campaign teams to have greater audience insight with increased control over sales inventory.
The TickX team were extremely responsive to the needs of our campaign. Their nimble approach to ‘out of the box’ solutions exceeded our expectations, particularly the impressive Producer360 dashboard which enabled all stakeholders to track the results of TickX campaigns ‘at a glance’ and in real time.
Our favourite aspect of the Tickx toolkit gave us the ability to create bespoke booking flows for our website, giving greater direct control over the inventory we displayed to customers. Using this functionality to transform the customer journey, we were able to grow our advance by reducing the number of barriers to sale, guiding customers to the best seat locations and highlighting best pricing e.g) ‘Book Ahead and Save’.
We also utilized the flow builder to offer tailored pricing and exclusive inventory to key marketing partners. These flows, which ran independently from the core campaign, were used by partners such as AMEX and the NHS to generate significant additional income through our direct channels which we would have otherwise relied on third parties to achieve.’

How did we achieve this?

We worked incredibly closely with the team at The Prince of Egypt and their third party partners to help deliver great results across all of their key goals and promotional moments.

Branding and Customer Journey

We were able to facilitate bespoke booking flows, meaning customers could select their perfect booking seats based on budget and date for example. These flows were then accessible via the production’s homepage and ticketing pages for ease.

In addition, we created unique flows for their promotional partners including Sky VIP, American Express and NHS, which could only be accessed by valid customers using a unique link or password. This helped increase overall sales, advance bookings and audience numbers of certain performances. These unique TickX flows for affiliate partners drove significant incremental sales & revenue across the show’s run.

Finally we encompassed The Prince of Egypt’s iconic branding throughout the booking journey to immerse their customers in the show’s universe from start to finish and included a personalised downloadable video for customers to share on their social media and messaging channels.

Opt-In Data and Audiences

The Prince of Egypt team wanted to understand their audience better and find a way to utilise their behaviours to encourage similar people to book tickets. We achieved this by surfacing a short survey once the customer had completed their journey to understand their motivation for booking. The team also wanted more control of their customer data in order to cross-sell their other productions.

By creating an opt-in box at the checkout stage, the producers could increase their mailing list by adding customers who opted in and contacting them with exclusive news and offers for The Prince of Egypt and other productions in their portfolio.

Our demo account Audience Builder - this is where Prince of Egypt could manage and segment their customer data

Marketing Tools and Tracking

The Prince of Egypt team have made great use of the TickX toolkit:

  • Using bespoke purchase flows to drive sales for particular dates
  • A complete tracking setup and integration with their CRM means all the data is linked and attributable to their campaigns
  • Post purchase surveys, giving more insights into their customers
  • Creation of audience segments for lookalike targeting and opt-in data

The Prince of Egypt and TickX teams worked very closely to achieve these goals and through regular meetings, shared ideas to enhance our toolkit to meet the teams’ needs and increase sales and make recommendations based on customer insights.

Beth Aspinall
Strategy Director