Monopoly Case Study: Supporting the ticketing for a trailblazing attraction

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Monopoly Lifesized is an exciting new immersive attraction based on the world’s favourite family board game. Located in the heart of London, Monopoly Lifesized resonates with global audiences who want to experience the game in life size for themselves. Alongside this ambitious new attraction, a sister restaurant The Top Hat was also launched.


Monopoly Lifesized asked TickX to help reach it’s goals which included several challenges to establish a new, and unique, attraction:

  • Showcase their range of experiences, or ‘boards’ so customers would find the right experience for them
  • Give customers the power to select their own teams
  • Bring to life the iconic Monopoly branding throughout the purchase experience
  • Provide insights to help Monopoly Lifesized understand their customers and drive meaningful actions
  • Help cross-sell the Monopoly Lifesized experience with their sister restaurant The Top Hat
  • Help power more efficient digital marketing


After collaborating and being in partnership for a year and celebrating Monopoly Lifesized’s first birthday the CEO of Path Entertainment Group, David Hutchinson said:

The insights we acquire through TickX are vital to our weekly performance analysis. With their growing range of integrations and partnerships, TickX add significant value to our business and an optimal user experience for our customers. The account management team are both attentive and pro-active; with a firm understanding of our business needs.

How did we achieve this?

TickX worked closely with Monopoly Lifesized across all departments to understand their challenges to help establish the attraction in an already crowded market.

Team and experience selection

The TickX design and product team, built an innovative new experience and team selection purchase experience, based around Monopoly Lifesized needs. This incorporates the Monopoly style ‘Cards’ and helps customers easily understand how they will be split across teams:

The innovative team selection module helps customers visualise their team makeup using the iconic Monopoly branding

Cross sell with the Top Hat Bar & Restaurant

Working with the box office and marketing teams, we created a unique ticket type to encourage customers into the Top Hat Bar & Restaurant after their game and embedded sales promotions for qualifying customers and their third party media promotions, which have increased conversion, revenue and restaurant reservations.

The TickX upgrade module prompts customers to purchase a glass of prosecco which gets them into the restaurant post game

We have also integrated directly with their third party restaurant booking software so that customers can book a table directly with the restaurant as a part of their booking:

Our restaurant integration offers customers a simple choice, and offers dynamic times depending on their group size and availability

Driving sales using TickX Purchase Flows

Monopoly have been very successful in driving sales into particular purchase flows, to encourage the right type of booking behaviour. You can see some examples of this below.


Monopoly Lifesized wanted to encourage families to play and enjoy the game together. Through TickX, they were able to set up a bespoke purchase flow, offering families a group rate on their tickets when booking a group of 6 or more. The discount was embedded within the flow so the customer didn’t need to enter a code and the minimum quantity of tickets was set to 6. The flow was then promoted on their homepage and social channels.

Family rates help encourage customers to book 6 or more tickets and receive a promotional rate
Advance Bookings

Another flow was to encourage advance bookings by offering an incentive to book ahead. This was set so it automatically applies when booking tickets at least 3 months in advance.

Providing the option to book ahead and save has helped Monopoly Lifesized to build their advance

The power of filtering

TickX worked closely with the Monopoly Lifesized team to create a set of filters to help customers find exactly what they needed up front including the Board Type, Time of Day of the game and Group Size. This means customers can find what they want up front and don’t waste their time clicking in and out of bookings.

We also rolled out a radio button selection for the best rate pricing, so price conscious customers could quickly find the best value time slots.

Providing several filter options with lightning fast calendar responses helps Monopoly Lifesized customer find exactly what they need

The Monopoly Lifesized and TickX teams work very closely to achieve these goals and through regular meetings, shared ideas to enhance our toolkit to meet the teams’ needs and increase sales and make recommendations based on customer insights.

Beth Aspinall
Strategy Director