TickX for immersive productions

Marketing and booking toolkit to help immersive producers make more revenue, gain more insights and improve marketing efficiency.

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TickX creates booking layers which sit on top of your existing ticketing provider. This technology means we can optimise for ticket sales, incorporate our clients' unique branding, surface analytics, and provide a one-step-shop for marketing tools and integrations.

TickX works closely with innovative, immersive producers to build technology designed with them in mind. We make sure the immersive experience begins with the ticket purchase by providing beautifully branded purchase flows. And we know immersive productions can't be put in a box, so we don't try to - instead we support with flexible ticketing, integrated restaurants, cross-sell between events and much more!

Sell more tickets

Increase conversion rate with our optimised and tested purchase flows. Our booking experience is tested at scale and built to be at the cutting edge, so you can sell more tickets and drive more revenue.

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Your show's branding from start to finish

At every step, keep your customers engaged with your productions's unique branding, from calendar to checkout.

Say goodbye to redirects and iframes

Keep customers on your show domain from start to finish. This prevents customer dropping off due to redirects and means your marketing team can benefit from complete tracking setup to optimise marketing efficiencies.

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Marketing tools and integrations
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We offer a one stop shop for all your marketing integrations from Mailchimp, to Facebook, Google and Hubspot. We also offer a range of tools including unique, segmented purchase journeys and audience management.

Realtime insights your fingertips

Use our interactive dashboard for realtime reporting and demographic insights. See all your sales data in one easy accessible place.

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