Unlock the power of direct bookings

Sell more tickets online, directly to your customers, with the TickX booking layer, marketing tools and analytics.

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UX optimised booking layer to transform your ticketing

TickX sits on top of your existing ticketing system so you don’t need to change any of your processes. You instantly benefit from user experience optimised booking flows embedded directly on your website. This means better conversion rates and increased order values.

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Branded for you,
and flexibly designed

Immerse your customers in your event’s universe from the very start with beautifully branded booking flows. We build flexible customer journeys which include package upgrades, flexible ticketing, restaurant integrations and more.

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One stop shop for your marketing integrations

Go live with TickX and benefit from marketing integrations including complete GTM tracking setup, Facebook Conversion API, Facebook Business Manager, Mailchimp, Hubspot and more. Better attribute your marketing, increase return on investment, and save time on messy integrations.

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Our in-house suite of marketing tools

Get stuck in with marketing tools including bespoke purchase flows, audience management, surveys and shareable videos to turn your customers into micro-influencers. Empower your team to find creative ways to increase revenue with more tools at their fingertips.

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Actionable insights from our analytics dashboard

Understand more about your customers than ever before with revenue, performance, survey and location reporting. Our analytics are designed to drive actions and better use the entire TickX toolkit.

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screenshot of an app showing analytics

"We saw immediate growth in our advance sales"

Scott Armstrong - President, Spiegelworld Las Vegas

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Spiegel world logo

"TickX has been a gamechanger in terms of both providing highly optimized and branded customer journeys"

Nick Francis - Owner, Fear Columbus Haunted House

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