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CU Next Tuesday • McDonalds Party • Free w/ Jager Wristband

CU Next Tuesday • McDonalds Party • Free w/ Jager Wristband

Tue 16 Feb 2021


CU Next Tuesday • McDonalds Party • Free w/ Jager Wristband

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FREE ENTRY WITH THE JAGER WRISTBAND / FREE ENTRY WITH THE JAGER WRISTBAND Buy yours now at   The Jager Wristband will be valid for 365 days starting from whenever it is safe for us to host our first event. Money back guarantee if Covid effects.  Whilst we can't guarantee exactly when, we can promise you that YOU will have a proper freshers experience with a full programme of freshers events whenever it is safe for us to do so ❤️ #saveourfreshers FIRST 50 NAMES ON THE EVENT WALL WILL RECEIVE A FREE SHOT ON ENTRY // CLICK INTERESTED TO STAY UP TO DATE WITH EVENT INFO Combine the famous golden arches with Brightons favourite midweek institution and you have something magical… This freshers we're bringing back a crowd favourite.  ?CU Next Tuesday X MCDONALDS PARTY? Enough food for even Ron McDon to make a visit: ?100's of burgers ?100s of Nuggets  ?Thousands of fries  Delivered to you right in the middle of your Tuesday night sesh! ? Whos hungry?! FREE ENTRY WITH JAGER WRISTBAND Grab yours now at   Buy your advanced ticket now at:   Keep an eye on our page as we'll be releasing more freshers events and info over the next few weeks!  Not only Brighton’s longest running student night, but by far its biggest too. Run by the South Coast's most talked about promotions company, CU Next Tuesday is committed to changing the game by consistently pushing boundaries.  Every single week at CU Next Tuesday, you can expect:  ? FREE PIZZA ? FREE DONUTS  ?£3.50 DOUBLES ALL NIGHT LONG ?£3 GUESTLIST ENTRY  ? MASSIVE GIVEAWAYS ?  3 ROOMS OF MUSIC ? CONFETTI BLASTS  ? INFLATABLES  So here you are; ready to embark on the wildest years of your life; we're here to teach you a thing or two… Consistently looking to push boundaries and provide an experience that isn't just any old club night, there's a reason why we're top of the food chain!  Don't settle for some half hearted has been club night; do it with the people who do it best… we'll take you in, take you for a ride and spit you out the other end; you'll wake up the next day confused and wondering what the hell happened last night!!  ? Beats ?  Room One:  Hip Hop x Grime x Party Remixes Hosted by DJ DUBL  Room Two: The Alley  Drum & Bass x Bassline This is a room showcasing talent from both Brighton & Sussex Universities, if you're an up & coming DJ, get in touch!! And finally… something completely new is coming: A BRAND NEW third room! We let you guys have your say and made a room dedicated to exactly what you want! ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON.  FREE ENTRY WITH JAGER WRISTBAND BEFORE 11:30 Grab yours now at   Get on the £3 GUESTLIST by writing your name down on the discussion now! C U Next  Tuesday  // NOT-SO-SMALLPRINT \ GUESTLIST: ✔ £3 on Guestlist  ENTRANCE ✔ Doors open @ 10.30 What do I do next? Make sure you like our Main Page, Brighton ROX: Brighton ROX For all information on the Jager wristband like our page:  To keep up to date with our weekly Tuesday which is FREE on the Jager wristband: To keep up to date with our weekly Friday which is FREE on the Jager wristband:

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