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Psychobilly Weekender 3 ? Friday Ticket

Psychobilly Weekender 3 ? Friday Ticket

Fri 5 Feb 2021


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Psychobilly Weekender 3 ? Friday Ticket

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FRIDAY FEB 5 KING KURT, Thee Scarecrows AKA, Snakerattlers Legendary psychobilly KING KURT are back at the Brudenell with their special kind of madness. Forming in 1981 as Rockin? Kurt and his Sauer Krauts the band changed name a year later with the arrival of new vocalist Gary ?The Smeg? Clayton to the now infamous King Kurt. Signing with Stiff in 1983 it wasn?t long before the band found themselves on Top of the Pops and with a hit single on their hands. The band originally split in 1988 but audience demand has had them coming back for more to deliver more of their madness since 2012. A band if you?ve seen before you?ll want to see again an if you haven?t well now?s your chance. https://www.facebook.com/kingkurtofficial/ Left to stand alone in the fields of Walton Farm protecting the crops from varmints and birds, THEE SCARECROWS pulled up their stakes and shuffled into Walton Ranch. They found the place empty except for some ramshackle musical 'instruments' left behind by Thee boys before they mysteriously disappeared. Thee Scarecrows fumbled with the instruments using their poorly formed straw hands. From this they created a primitive rock 'n' roll rhythm that scared away all the varmints in the fields far better than those straw men ever managed standing out there hooked on stakes. The straw flew and the windows rattled as Thee Scarecrows Blues was born and those lonely straw-filled men waited for Thee Waltons to return...... https://www.facebook.com/theescarecrows/ SNAKERATTLERS is a two-piece band, comprising of married couple Dan and Naomi. It's a hellbound voyage of death rock, garage punk potency and fragments of the oldest, dustiest rockabilly. Those genres combine to make the band's own frenzied and furious take on music, known as rattlerock. The sound of Snakerattlers is acerbic, ruthless, erratic and uncompromising. It is delivered with blasting guitars, thunderous drums and howled vocals. The band hails from the deepest, darkest depths of ghost-ridden York, in the heart of North Yorkshire, England. https://www.facebook.com/snakerattlers/ SATURSAY FEB 6 Line up TBA

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