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Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels

Tue 1 Sep 2020


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Broken Witt Rebels

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BROKEN WITT REBELS + GUESTS EXETER CAVERN TUES IST SEPT Birmingham based blues rock and roll band. "One of the best new live bands in the country, it's a matter of time before they explode onto the big stages" This Feeling This is not a band that will wine and dine you, but they will take you to a dive bar and drink tequila with you until the sun comes up Blues sodden, sultry, humid music displaying all the solidity of a British rock legacy merged with confidence of an atmospheric deep south soulful Americana. THE CAVERN 83-84 QUEEN ST WWW.EXETERCAVERN.COM TICKETS £10 Website: www.brokenwittrebels.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/Brokenwittrebel Facebook: www.facebook.com/brokenwitt.rebels

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