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And - Henning Baer - SHXCXCHCXSH - D.a.b

And - Henning Baer - SHXCXCHCXSH - D.a.b

Mon 24 Aug 2020


And - Henning Baer - SHXCXCHCXSH - D.a.b

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Making Our Debut Event @ SWG3 And We Are Not Holding Back !! AnD [Live] Henning Baer SHXCXCHCXSH [Live] D.A.B - [ Mindbreak, Spectral Space, Brass Traxx ] AnD Bringing a dynamic and raw take on modern techno in their Live sets. The two maintain strong analogue production ethics and showcase this in their heavy hitting live show Henning Baer DJ and producer, longtime Berghain resident, founder and head of Grounded Theory Berlin. He convinces with his very special, complex, highly intelligent way of playing with rhythms and grooves while delivering raw, driving, hard techno, acid and electro. Fascinating dynamics, razor-sharp mixing and surprising developments in his sets are his trademarks. SHXCXCHCXSH A mysterious, Swedish duo who’ve been releasing left-field, experimental techno since 2012. Their music explores the more abstract sectors of techno. An unbound, rolling matrix of white noise & wrought iron percussion, replete with disembodied choirs that pan uncomfortably in and out of the sonic hinterland D.A.B [ Mindbreak, Spectral Space, Brass Traxx ] A Collective Formed In 2018 Will Be Debuting At The SWG3 Combing The Sounds Of London And Glasgow With A Diverse Selection Of Tracks Ranging All Over The Techno Spectrum

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