The story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan is an inspiring, true love story taking you on a journey into the couple’s life in music. From Cuba to Miami, the story’s passion and drive to succeed speak through the stage adaption into pure inspiration.

On Your Feet Manchester

On Your Feet! is based on the couple’s music career around Cuban-fusion pop music, adapted for the stage by Academy Award-winner Alexander Dinelaris, author of the musical book. It proved a curious choice to adapt, but when asked about what impressed Dinelaris and Emilio and Gloria, he replied: “Two things: one – the strength of their relationship and how they built a solid loving family in the circus that was their life. Two – their sheer tenacity and stubborn refusal to accept the word ‘no’.”

On Your Feet in Manchester

I went in to see the production with Dinelaris’ words in mind, ready to take in a story of tenacity and ambition. The stage setting instantly plunged the audience into the lives of the couple, their fluid transitions from scene to scene creating the right tone and mood almost instantly. The atmosphere it created made us feel a part of the show itself, with dancers encouraging the audience to get On Their Feet and dance!

On Your Feet

This was only further supported by the presence of the live band, taking that immersion to the next level. They carefully struck the balance between volumes, making sure that the actors’ voices could be clearly heard and the strength and talent in each person’s sound got to ring out on stage.

Gloria in On Your Feet

It must also be said that Sergio Trujillo’s choreo was absolutely magical, even when the audience gave it their best shot from the seats.

On Your Feet! will return in February 2020 with shows in Milton Keynes, Liverpool and London. Get tickets for the show here!