Hello. My name is Kestra Walker and I would like to share you with the most amazing quiz.

It’s about the hit Book Of Mormon musical, heading out on tour later this year making it’s first stop Manchester after spending 6 years on the West End! It’s an outrageous satire from the creators of South Park, based around two young Mormons – Elder Price and Elder Cunningham – heading to Uganda to spread the word of Jesus Christ. On the way, they encounter a village in need, an evil warlord and all manner of atrocities, singing and dancing their way through each with the power of the lord!

The show has become a drug for theatre-junkies, making for many repeat viewings through it’s controversial humour that even Cartman would balk at. Do you consider yourself of esteemed taste and decorum? Then this might not be the theatre show for you. With the Book of Mormon, there is no line that can’t get crossed and no joke too racy, and soon you’ll be able to view on all around the country.

Can’t wait that long? We’ve put together a super difficult quiz about the Book of Mormon to keep ourselves satiated in the meantime and we think it’ll test the knowledge of even the biggest BOM superfan. Last month we put together everything you needed to know about the show, so if you were paying attention you may get some of the questions…

So how did you do? Are you more of a Price or a Cunningham, or are you trying your best like Nabulungi? Either way, you could probably do with a refresher course, so why not grab some tickets for the Book of Mormon musical in Manchester?