This week we are kicking off a new segment at TickX, one that pays homage to some of the truly great comedians out there, and we are really starting off with the crème de la crème

Ed Byrne is arguably one of the best comedians to have come out of Ireland, his quick wit, expert delivery and razor sharp one-liners bringing tears of laughter to all those who listen – and that’s why he’s our first Comedian of the Month. 

Ed has been working the circuit this season with his new tour ‘Spoiler Alert’, and no it’s not ruining the next series of Game of Thrones. The spoiler is actually referring to the spoilt generation his kids are growing up in, and the difference between children from 30 years ago.

This has Ed at his finest as an observational comic, finding the funny and relatable within our daily lives and making a really, really good show out of it. 

We had the chance to chat to Ed actually, about his tour, TV work and more! Read what he had to say below: 

So, you’re touring now with ”˜Spoiler Alert’, but it was originally meant to be called ”˜I’ll Millennial You in a Minute’, correct? Is this your own take on the supposed millennial epidemic that’s taken over?

““I’ll Millennial you in a minute!” just seemed like something a grumpy old git like me would come out with so was a contender for show title for some time. Actually the show’s not about millennials at all because I don’t really understand what they are any more than I understood what being a member of Generation X was. The show is about how spoilt I think people in general are and how I’m contributing to that by spoiling my own kids.”

Has the tour been running smoothly so far? Any interesting heckles?

“The show’s been going great, to be honest. Nothing to report heckle wise. We did have an incident on our way to Norwich. We were stuck behind an accident on the M11 and it looked like we might not make the gig, so myself and the support act, Paul Myrehaug, ran across the south bound carriageway, climbed up a tree to get over a chain-link fence, ran across a farmers field, hopped over a barbed wire fence, crossed the London-Cambridge train track, jumped a ditch and came out on a road near my house where my wife was waiting to take me back home so I could drive me and Paul to the gig in my own car. Just as we climbed into my wife’s car, my tour manager phoned from the tour car and said, “It’s alright, we’re moving again!” so it was all for nothing. And Paul had to do the gig in his bare feet because his shoes were soaking wet from the ditch.”

“Apart from that, it’s all been smooth sailing.”

With so many shows under your belt now, you must have gotten it down to a fine art. Do you have a pre-show ritual that gets you ready? 

“I don’t really have a ritual. We’re usually sound checked by 6.30-7pm. Then I’ll either sit backstage playing something like XCOM or Civilisation on my laptop until 15 mins before Show Time when I slip on my show clothes and start bopping along to the preshow music. If I’m feeling in the mood, I might pop to a local pub for a cheeky pint before the show rather than the gaming but that’s only now and again.”

But as well as stand-up you appear on TV quite a lot, would you say it’s hard to transition in between live and TV work?

“Doing TV is fun but live stand up is my first love. I find it much harder to judge the quality of my TV work. You can make a TV show and you still don’t know until you watch whether it’s any good. Somebody else is directing and editing it and the channel might have their own ideas about what they want that show to be, so there’s so much that’s out of your control. With stand-up, it’s just me, and I can tell as I’m doing it how well it’s going. I love the immediacy of that.”

Arizona, Guatemala, Panama: you’ve been to some amazing places with Dara on ”˜Great Big Adventure’. Where you would want to tackle next? 

“Myself and Dara both agreed that if we did another one of those shows we’d like to visit the Nordic countries. I think we have a tendency to lump them all together in our heads and I’d love to do a series that looks at the individual characteristics of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.”

With all this travel, either on the road touring or exploring South America, what’s your key to travelling lightly?

“Don’t ask me. I’m useless at travelling light. I always over-pack. I love a compression sack. My travel tip is use compression sacks of different colours and sizes for underwear, shirts etc. It allows you to pack more than you need into one case.”

To be fair to Ed, does anyone actually know the secret to packing light?! Thanks so much for talking to us at TickX, and if you want tickets to see him live you can find all tickets and dates below! Compare all ticket-sellers to get the best prices available.