Yesterday (Tuesday 18th) the Captain Marvel trailer debut on Good Morning America and across the world, sending Marvel fans into a frenzy of excitement with the first real hint of what’s to come in 2019. 

As the latest superhero to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Brie Larson will portray Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel (AKA the strongest avenger), ready to swoop in for the as-yet-untitled Infinity War 2 and hopefully save those who had been dusted by Thanos’ snap. 

Captain Marvel will explore Danvers origin story throughout the mid 1990’s, when the former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot gets thrust into the middle of a war between two alien races…

The new trailer has left fans already theorising what’s to come with a number of easter eggs and references hidden throughout, so catch up on the trailer below and find out the things you may have missed.

1. An ancient relic… Blockbuster

Blockbuster Video Store in the Captain Marvel trailer

What better way to time stamp the film than open it up with a blast from the past? Video stores were a common sight throughout the 90’s, so they’re making it clear from the get go that we are a couple decades behind.

2. A “Renegade Soldier”

Carol Danvers walking with her Kree team in the Captain Marvel trailer

A young Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) refers to Captain Marvel as a “renegade soldier”, which we all know means someone who goes rogue and betrays their organisation – could he mean that at some point she turns against Earth or Star Force? It may well be the case as we see her strutting with a team of Kree. Let’s also take a moment to recognise that Fury still has both eyes, will we see how he lost one of them in the course of the film?

3. She can use her photonic blasters

Captain Marvel and her photonic blasters

If you’re already familiar with the character, you’ll know that one of Captain Marvel’s signature powers is her ability to absorb energy and redirect it, which we see here! In the comics they’re described as “powerful concussion blasts of photon and stellar light energy”, which basically means she can shoot out the firepower of a star.

4. A hint to Thanos

Ronan the Accuser in Captain Marvel trailer

It was only for a brief second in the Captain Marveltrailer but we saw Ronan the Accuser and his iconic hammer overlooking Earth. Of course, we are familiar with Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy, where Ronan served the Marvel villain, but now it seems like he might be teaming up with the Krulls for this galactic war… We’ll also see one of Ronan’s lackeys, Korath the Pursuer, although this time he seems to be working with Captain Marvel…

5. A friendly face

Agent Coulson

He’s back from the dead! Wait, no, Blockbuster remember. It’s the 90’s. Officially, Coulson is still dead, although he’s alive and well in Agents of Shield will still hasn’t been recognised as canon. Still, it’s nice to see him make a return to the big screen helping out another captain. 

6. She wears the faux-hawk helmet

The faux-hawk helmet of Captain Marvel

Up until this point, we weren’t sure that Captain Marvel’s classic faux-hawk helmet would return as all of the imagery had seen Brie Larson wear her hair down whilst in character, but they included a lovely nod to the signature style in what looks to be an underwater scene…

7. Is that an early SHIELD base?

SHIELD Base in Captain Marvel trailer

Obviously, the Captain Marveltrailer has introduced us to a young Nick Fury AKA the leader of SHIELD, and it looks like we might get a bit of an insight into some of SHIELD’s early days with what seems to be Fury observing an alien experiment.

8. Women are who’s in charge

Her is a Hero in Captain Marvel

Could it be real? Are women finally getting the recognition they deserve in Marvel films? With a clever juxtaposition of ‘Her’ in ‘Hero’, the Captain Marvel trailer lets us know that Ant-Man and the Wasp wasn’t going to be a one off. We see Carol Danvers working with other women in the Air Force and we see Kree women backing her up in Star Force, and we must make note that the film was directed and written by Anna Boden – hopefully this kick-starts a trend of female-led films within the Marvel universe! 

Captain Marvel is out now, follow the film below to get reminders for when it’s due to leave cinemas so that you don’t miss out! You can also watch the Captain Marvel trailer again to get yourself ready and in the mood before you see it in theatres!

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