What is it that everyone loves about Mrs Brown’s Boys? The sitcom starring Brendan O’Carroll as the loud-mouthed Agnes Brown first hit screens in the 1990s. It was notorious for its slapstick comedy and caricatures, which had live audiences it performed before in tears. Now as Mrs Brown’s Boys heads back to the stage with a 2020 tour of Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Live Show, we take a look at the jokes and gags that made the sitcom so popular. 

1. Love is like snow…you don’t know whether it’s going to stick…and you don’t know how many inches you’re gonna get!

2. What do you call that useless piece of skin at the end of a willy? A Man

Mrs Brown from Mrs Brown's Boys with an umbrella
11.10.12 Mrs Brown’s Boys, Ep 1RX 2BBC Scotland BOC Productions Ltd/ Mrs Brown’s Boys BOC Productions, 15 Hollystown, Demesne Hollystown Dublin 15; Credit Graeme Hunter Pictures

3. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. Yea. And God called that disaster? Yea. In Ireland we call that the f**kin’ summer!

4. Mrs Brown: *shakes Mick’s hand*
Mick: Mrs Brown that’s a condom on your hand…
Mrs Brown: Well you can never be too careful with the wankers you meet nowadays!

Mrs Brown from Mrs Brown's Boys on a Christmas tree

5. Do you know what I saw on the internet? On the internet they said that if you get everybody in the whole world who works in McDonalds to hold hands, you have to get your own burger!

Mrs Brown's Boys live show

6. What singer is famous for the moonwalk?
Michael Jackson.
Neil Armstrong! Winnie? Neil Armstrong.

Mrs Brown from Mrs Brown's Boys
01.11.12 Mrs Brown’s Boys, 2012 ep 4.RX BBC Scotland .BOC Productions Ltd.Unit 25, Millenium Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15. Credit Graeme Hunter Pictures

The stage musical Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Live Show begins its tour in June 2020, travelling to Birmingham, Cardiff, Hull, London, Glasgow, Blackpool, Edinburgh and more. Don’t miss your chance to see the BAFTA award-winning show live, with tickets to see Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Live Show available now.