Event Organiser Support

How do I add an event to TickX?

If you want your events to appear on TickX, fill out our event submission form so we can get things started.
If you wish to submit multiple events and would prefer to use a CSV, TSV or XML document, please contact hello@tickx.co.uk and we can assist you further with this.

Do you charge a fee to list events?

It’s completely free to add your event to TickX.

Can I use TickX to list free events?

Yes, you absolutely can! Fill out our event submission form so we can get things started.

Why do I need a link to my tickets elsewhere to list my event on TickX?

TickX is an events and tickets search engine, not a ticket seller. We don’t trade tickets directly, instead comparing prices from our ticketing partners so that event-goers can always find what they way, for the cheapest prices.
When you submit your event to TickX, the tickets need to be hosted somewhere else so that we can direct our event-goers to purchase.

How long will it take for my event to appear on TickX?

This can depend on the way you’ve provided submitted your events to TickX. In most cases, we try to get event submissions on site within 10 days.

I submitted my event to TickX, but it’s not on site yet?

We get many event submissions requests through everyday, and we can’t always do them right away. Don’t worry, however! We make sure to get to every single one.
If there’s a problem with your submission request or a reason we can’t list it, we’ll always let you know.

I’m running an event and some of the information you have is incorrect?

Drop us a line at hello@tickx.co.uk with the correct details and we’ll make sure to update it immediately.

My event has been cancelled, how do I remove it from TickX?

Send us an email at hello@tickx.co.uk and we’ll get it taken down as soon as possible.

Can I sell tickets to my event via TickX?

Unfortunately not. TickX is an events and ticket search engine so we don’t buy or sell any tickets directly. However, if you choose to list with one of our partners, then your ticket will be listed on TickX through that partner.

What ticket sellers does TickX work with?

TickX works with over 100 ticket sellers in a variety of categories and genres.

How did my event end up on TickX?

If you see your event on TickX and don’t remember submitting it, it’s likely that it came through from one our 100+ ticketing partners who you may have listed.

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