What is TickX?


Find Tickets

Search for events you know, discover ones you didn’t.

TickX is the simple, hassle-free way to search for the best tickets. Find everything you enjoy from music to theatre, festivals, cinema and more – all with one simple search.

Save Money

Compare prices for the best deals

We compare over 100 ticket sites to find you the best prices. We search the big sellers you know, like Ticketmaster, as well as the smaller ones you might not.

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Never Miss Out

Always be the first to know about your favourite events

Track the things you enjoy most, from performers to shows, locations and even films. We’ll let you know whenever they announce new dates, times or tickets.

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Follow what you love, quickly

Sync your Spotify and Apple Music accounts to quickly follow all of your favourite musicians. Don’t worry, you can still hand select the ones you do – and don’t – want to hear about.

Every price is genuine

TickX is trusted by over a million people and our team of experts vets all providers to make sure you can trust them.

There are no surprises

The prices shown on TickX include the face-value price and any fees the seller charges too. The price you see will always be what you pay.

It’s free and easy!

TickX makes it simple to find the best tickets for any event. It's is completely free to use and doesn't require any subscription.

TickX is the UK's leading search engine and discovery platform for events.

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We believe in transparency​

We want to be clear on what secondary ticketing (also known as resale) means to TickX and what our stance is on it.

Got more questions?​

Head over to the FAQ for the answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know. We’re here to help.

Meet the TickX Founders

Sam and Steve - founders of TickX

Steve Pearce

Co-Founder/ CEO

Steve is a University of Manchester graduate with a passion for the events industry and consumer technology, first having the idea for TickX whilst a student.

Now he leads commercial and marketing operations, working on onboarding new partners and telling the world about TickX.

Sam Coley

Co-Founder/ CTO

Sam is enthusiastic about both technology and business having founded a successful software development company aged 16.

He is a highly experienced developer with a keen focus on user experience. He leads the direction and development of the TickX platform as it expands internationally.

I love that I can find tickets at face value in a different venue when everyone else assumes it’s sold out. I go to gigs several times a year and always use this site now!
Eleanor M.
Was simple and easy setting up and getting around the site, found it really helpful
David R.
Fantastic value
Janet B.
Quick and easy to use
Colin S.